Selassie Drah is a recording artist, lyricist and creator from Ghana, currently based in Edmonton, Alberta. He is intensely passionate about life-long learning and how his place in the world can be an aid to the elevation of others. An autodidact, except for the production of his instrumentals, Selassie produces (and momentarily co-produces) every aspect of his music including writing, recording, mixing, mastering, cover designing, producing and directing his live shows and video production. He is also a djembe and sangban drummer, a self-taught intermediate Spanish speaker, an editor and writer, a thinker and an intellectual. Music is immensely personal and sentimental to him, which can be felt in all of his music, especially in his debut EP Recluse. His performances are very intimate, highly energetic, compelling, and intensify the ideas he expresses in his music. 

His ability to connect strongly with his audience derives partly from his vast life experiences, at the very least, the fact that he was born in Norway, grew up in Ghana, lived his adult years in Canada and belongs in various communities (in art, social service, etc.).

It is his dream that his connection with his audience continues to grow earnestly and be a source of inspiration.